Bipolar Disorders

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Bipolar disorder mood swings can make you go from mania to depression and back again in an endless cycle. If you’re struggling to manage bipolar symptoms, talk to our providers at Aura Paychiatry, PLLC, San Antonio, Texas. We offer medication to help patients manage bipolar disorder successfully and significantly improve their quality of life. To benefit from expert care and ongoing support for bipolar disorder, call Aura Psychiatry, PLLC and arrange an in-person or telehealth consultation. You can also book an appointment online today.

Bipolar Disorders

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder causes mood swings that can be dramatic at times. One of these moods is depression, a feeling of hopelessness and profound sadness that you can’t shake. When your mood changes, you become manic, experiencing excessive energy levels that result in hyperactivity. You might also suffer from paranoia.

Bipolar 1 disorder is more severe, where the shifts between depression and mania are most extreme. Bipolar 2 disorder mania is less intense, but depression can still be devastating. Cyclothymia mood swings are less severe but can still be disabling.

The defining feature of bipolar disorder in all its forms is the shift between depression and mania. When you’re depressed, you might struggle to get through the day and wonder if life’s worth living. You feel tired, low, uninterested in the things that usually make you happy, and guilty about events for which you aren’t to blame.

You might eat and sleep less or more than usual. If you have prolonged depression, you might self-harm or consider suicide. You could shift from depression to mania at any time, where your symptoms become the opposite of what you’ve just experienced.

When manic, your energy levels rise dramatically, you have little need for sleep, and you feel like you want to be doing something all the time. You might take on numerous tasks that you couldn’t do when depressed. You might also take risks, like driving too fast or going to places that aren’t safe.

Just as quickly as it began, the manic phase can disappear, plunging you back into depression. Mania can last for days or weeks; depression for months and years.

To find relief from bipolar disorder symptoms and lead the life you want, call Aura Psychiatry, PLLC today or book an appointment online.